Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pre-Departure and Arrival: The Longest Day EVER

Today was one of those days that gets categorized as one of the longest days ever. Why? Well, because it started at 10am Sunday and has still not ended as I type this at 1:35am Tuesday. Yes, Tuesday.

Sunday was the "drop dead" day in terms of packing, shopping, getting ready to go. If it didn't happen Sunday, it wasn't happening. Super Shuttle (airport transportation) was to pick us up at 4:20am, yes, that reads 4:20am, Monday for our 8:30am flight to Vancouver, Canada where we will board our ship on Tuesday. (Crucial cruise tip: ALWAYS fly in the day before your cruise, no matter how much time your flight leaves for you to get to the port. Flying in on the day of a cruise is asking for the "Delay Forces" to find you.)

So, Sunday was the deadline. Well, amongst our pre-trip preparations, was dropping our beloved dog, Zorro, at our friends' house where he will spend the next 8 nights. We have nicknamed their house (and their incredible care for Zorro) "Doggie Camp." Zorro quickly got re-acclimated with his Doggie Camp buddies, Tennyson and Trinity. We know he'll have a busy week of fun as well!

After leaving Doggie Camp it was back to packing. And somehow, the flowed right into 3:30am when it was time to get ready for our departure. Jump ahead through a smoothe ride to the airport, an uneventful flight and we were happily in Vancouver, Canada (travel note: when you take fresh fruit as a snack on the plane and have to go through customs, finish it... don't carry it with you into a foreign country!).

Our hotel was very nice with amazing views, a 5 star hotel (thank you Hotwire!) and is literally AT the port. If you ever sail our of Vancouver, The Pan Pacific is amazing.

We wandered around the waterfront a bit, got acquainted with our new camera, and enjoyed a wonderful jacuzzi before turning in for the night and ending the longest day (2 pushed into 1!) ever.

Next... Getting reacquainted with The Disney Wonder! All aboooooooaaard!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Making Dreams Come True

Almost everyone has that list of places that they would love to go sometime in their life. For me, one of those places was Australia. In Fall of 2000, when Greg and I decided to take one last big trip before buying a house, we fulfilled one of my travel dreams when we spent eight amazing days "Down Under," in Sydney, Australia.

Although his list is not as long as mine, Greg has his travel dreams, as well.
One has always been to go on an Alaskan cruise. Given the climate, that trip is one that has a very short window during any given years. Cruise lines only really go to Alaska from May through late September. We attempted to do take an Alaskan cruise for our honeymoon. With a wedding in the second week of October, there was not one cruise line still sailing to Alaska. So, it would have to wait until another time.

Twelve and a half years, and several vacations later, thanks to a "little" perk of my work and a dash of luck, we are days away from setting out on Greg's dream vacation: Seven amazing days and nights cruising the inside passage of Alaska. (And what better way to do it than with a little touch of Disney?!)
Follow us on our journey as we explore Alaska aboard the Disney Wonder -- and make one of Greg's travel dreams come true!

Photo credit: DisneyParks Blog